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art director

Scott Laserow

I developed a concept that creates or promotes a partnership for peace using TOMS “One for One” business model. I created a specialty line of backpacks, along with posters and magazine ads, that promotes inclusion among kids to prevent bullying before it has a chance to happen and to help kids learn social skills. This concept came from researching how and why bullying starts and different ways to prevent it. It’s different than other anti-bullying concepts because it aims at making every kid’s life better by teaching them social skills to better make friends and interact with other kids so they are less likely to be bullied or accidentally become a bully. It also promotes the maybe more social kids to be aware of other kids and to reach out if someone’s by themselves. You can see this illustrated by the group of animals playing with the shyer animal. The hand-lettered type talks about the anxious, bashful, or perplexed animal being a part of the group.