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art director

Bryan Satalino


Junior restaurant show
Tyler School of Art
2nd place overall faculty award

This subscription box adds punctuation to its subscribers’ lives, it reminds them to stop, take a pause, and read a book. I designed a logo, shipping container and booklet with graphics reminiscent of an editor’s mark reminding a writing to add pauses. In each box, subscribers receive three hardback books each with a special “Punctuate” edition cover created by different artists each month. In the booklet, I talk The booklet is about the service, I created little illustrations to help explain how it works, an infographic that shows how to send the book back if you want to donate it to a library, and it tells the next series of books. This month’s artist is me and the theme is books you can read at the beach. I wanted to give the subscriber a wide variety of the type of book that they received but still have the books relate in some way.