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art director

Abby Ryan, Bryan Satalino, Scott Laswerow

This is a children’s toy that teaches kids about farm shares and how to use them. Farmshares can include not only fruits and vegetables but also things like bread, eggs, and cheese. By switching out the different toppings, spreads, and breads, kids create different sandwiches out of fruits and vegetable commonly found in farm shares in Philadelphia. The concept of this toy is to introduce children to fruits and vegetables so they can become accustomed to them. So when they see them on their plate they think “Oh! A tomato, I play with that all the time, I’ll try that.” instead of “ew what’s that? I don’t wanna eat that.” I also wanted this toy to be able to be played with over and over again, instead of just solving it once and then you’re done. That’s why each topping, spread, and bread are interchangeable. I chose to have a reusable bag as packaging so the pieces can all stay together. It was also important to me to have a toy that could grow with the child. As a young kid, they can enjoy fitting the shapes together and as they grow and learn to read they can decide what topping and spread they want to match together