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art director

Scott Laserow

This is a longboard company who’s decks are inspired by a deck of cards. Name comes from the nickname for the king of diamonds. I chose this because There are 13 decks and each one is based off a different number. I looked at motifs, symbols, and patterning on cards and how they are laid out. 

Instead of a traditional catalogue, I chose to display these board in a deck of cards which I have with me. The suit determines the type of board: hearts are pintails, spades are fishtails, clubs are cruisers, and diamonds are drop throughs. Because I wanted this deck to be able to be used as an actual deck of cards, I created a system where the of the board has the information about the board and a full picture of it and the other three cards have detail shots of the board and the wheels. For example: board number 7 is a fishtail so the 7 of spades card you can see the information about the deck and a full image of the top and bottom. On the 7 of hearts, 7 of diamonds, and 7 of clubs you can see close up details of the board and wheels.