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art director

Bryan Satalino


Junior restaurant show
Tyler School of Art
2nd place overall faculty award

I illustrated this children’s book Millions of Cats written by Wanda Gag, and I have this with me to show you later. This is a story about a man traveling to find a cat for his wife. He can’t decide on just one, so, to his wife’s surprise and displeasure, he brings home the millions of cats he finds. I wanted to create a style that reflects the story, that’s just as wonky as having millions of cats but just sweet as a husband getting a gift for his wife and it not being quite what she expected. So I created this world full of line, shape, patterning, color, and interactions. My Aunt has 8 cats of her own and fosters more and when I took a trip to down to visit her, there was never a dull moment, there was always something going on with the cats. I really want the reader to have that same feeling, so all the cats are always doing something. Even if they’re in the background, batting at a stick or eyeing up another cat. Pacing the book was very important, making sure it had a smooth rhythm, going from close up to pulled back landscape to mid-ground This is a story that would be read to a young kid so I wanted to make sure there were lots of things to discover on the page and that my illustrations were really telling the story and you could get the gist of what was happening without reading.