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art director

Scott Laswerow

Fudge Factor is a book and digital publication about lying and what causes us to fudge the truth. My research consisted of scientific studies and first-person interviews about different peoples’ lies, why they lied, and what happened to them. I paired this with retro-inspired illustrations based on candy puns and sayings to illustrate how lying and getting away with it feels like a sweet victory at first but after a while, it’s hard to stomach all your lies. This pun would be lying through your teeth.

In the book I used foldouts to represent lying and covering up the truth. Underneath the popsicle, you can read a story about someone who lied then ended up telling the truth because they melted under the pressure. All of the illustrations refer to some concept that’s talked about in the body copy next to it. This one talks about the theory of mind and what happens as children grow. This spread essentials talks about how people in general are dum and the illustrations are dumdums. And all the illustrations relate to the text conceptually or literally, like this quote talks about how a lie can be harmless like a butterknife.

I wanted this digital publication to feel natural and easy to read, so I focused on the reader having to do one main action, scrolling, like they would in a printed book. And optional interactions that to give the reader the main information and utilize the digital publication.