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art director

Abby Ryan

Equilateral is a sock company that celebrates women. All across the globe, different ancient cultures have used a down-pointed triangle to represent a woman, this is represented by the shape of the logo. It has 2 objectives: 1 to raise money to help women become gainfully employed and financially independent by providing them with professional attire, job training, and a community of mentors. This is important because oftentimes better-paying jobs require better clothes. And the 2nd is to raise awareness to the accomplishments of women in the stem field through our socks and to hopefully inspire other young women to consider entering the field.

Each sock is inspired by a different woman and her career and accomplishments. You can see the whole line in the look book. It has a type lockup about the woman behind the sock and through the die cut you can see the sock pattern and then you can see a picture.

I wanted the packaging to be modular so as new series come out they can follow the same formula. On the front you can see information about the socks you’re buying and the woman who inspired them. And on the back there’s information about the company and its mission.

Because this is a socially conscious company I created a social media campaign. I decided what type of online presence this company was going to have and created content for facebook and instagram. I tried to have a nice balance between product shots and model shots, both being brightly colored and having the same vibe. I also created little animations highlighting the socks.